A Modern Sonnet to Emergency Physicians

This is a road of charts and sorrowed eyes!
You know not what you are about to face.
You are taught and trained to change their lives, 
They come to you for help here in this place.
You play the cynic, friend and sometimes foe,
You do your best for those who plead their plight.
Yet though you map their way and help them so,
You may raise walls and shield yourselves from light.
Through each procedure, each admit, each code,
Your hands are held by Hippocratic oath.
Though their weary heads are sometimes bowed,
Your patients guide you to your greater growth. 
They also have so much they want to show
Though it may first appear a wayward path,
Your patients shape you – this you may not know.
Let down your guard and let yourselves react!
Oh, let the sun shine in and melt the freeze!
Allow yourselves to bend and sometimes cry.
A growing heart is not always diseased!
Instead of, “How?” your patients teach you “Why?”.
This is your blessing, a rose along your path: 
That if with open minds you seek to serve,
You will be bound to get what you deserve. 
Brianne Bentzon Budlovsky @doctorbri is an Emergency Physician in Victoria, BC. She is a mama of two little girls, and loves to run, hike and keep her blood flowing. She is also an artist, follow her @beebeebisous 



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