Kits Scrubs Podcast Club: The Birds Papaya Ep. 5 The One Where we get Free Advice from Mind Body Online Therapy

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We love learning and growing through listening to podcasts. This week we listened to The Birds Papaya Ep. 5 The One Where we get Free Advice from Mind Body Online Therapy.  

Here is a short summary:

Host: 'The Birds Papaya' creator Sarah Nicole Who is a badass Mama of 3.  She is advocates for positive self-image, self-acceptance, holistic wellness and having fun in the process! 

Guest: Ashley Mariani from Mind Online TherapyPeri-natal mental health and couples therapist

The rise of social media is helping people talk about their experiences.

The post-partum period can be isolating and people like Ashely help break the barriers of geography and make this type of dialogue normal! Often the days people need the most help are the days that you may not feel like getting ready and out of the house.

 Ashley basically became the therapist she needed during her post-partum, she was living in remote rural Ontario with limited options for therapy.

Gas, parking, finding someone to take care of the baby, sometimes getting out of the house is anxiety-provoking.  Often when we need help the most it is hard to leave the house.

Some topics Sarah Nicole and guest Ashley Mariani:

Post-partum depression, post-partum anxiety, couples adjusting.  

 How is intimacy:

Usually does not come up right away, first want to get an understanding of what the client(s) need.  They talk about recognizing each other’s love languages to help each other feel 'seen'. Sometimes one partner may feel detached from the other especially when the birth parent is building a bond with the new child. 

How do you help a woman have body acceptance?

Positive reinforcement – positive self-talk, mindfulness.

i.e. The guest speaker has a tiled shower, each tile is filled with a positive affirmation written using her son's markers.   

Mental health is multifactorial, healthcare practitioners cannot remain siloed.  For example, if intimacy is an issue for a client perhaps therapy alone will not help, a client may need to connect with a pelvic floor specialist, incorporating holistic wellness.   

Online therapy, how it works

  • Do your research
  • Psychology today is a useful directory

 How Mind online Therapy works:

  • 15 min free phone consult to get an idea of who Ashley Mariani is
  • Phone, video, in-person, whatever works best for the client.

If you want to listen check out the podcast here:

To learn more about Mind Body Online check out the website:

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