Week 1: The Goop Podcast: gwneyth x brene brown

Week 1: 
The Goop Podcast: Brene Brown on the roots of shame, courage + vulnerability.
Here are our biggest takeaways, and yours
  • One simple way to make a situation better: Breath- Do the 4 point breathing exercise and your body will immediately feel better.
  • How to define shame? Why do we not use the word more often? Why do we not bring the word into our day to day life? If you use the word, you diminish it, and if you don’t acknowledge it festers. 
  • 5 C’s- How to increase productivity with people on your team. 
    • Color, (the ‘what’) Context,(the ‘why’) Connective Tissue, (how it’s all connected to the bigger picture), Cost of doing it, Consequence of not doing it. 
      • Help to find clarity in tasks and situations, and help to establish communication and clear goals with your team. 
      • Defensiveness is the precursor of shame. Often, people get defensive when they feel undervalued, or lesser than. Being situationally aware of this in ourselves, and in others is helpful in controlling and understanding emotions. 
For more on Brene Brown, check out her Netflix special!