Week 2: Sickboy Podcast w/ Neil Pasricha

Neil Pasricha is a Canadian entrepreneur, podcaster, public speaker, and best known as the author of “The Book of Awesome”. He’s also written two other books, “The Happiness Equation” and his latest, “You Are Awesome.” 

He joins the boys from Sick Boy Podcast to talk about starting his blog (how he lost his best friend to suicide and his wife left him, all in the same week). 

Our Biggest Take-Aways!

  • Untouchable Days
        • In this highly digital world, take a day to detach- no internet, no phone, read-only books and don’t look a media. 
  • The Netflix Dilemma
        • Given too many options often leaves us feeling anxious and indecisive. The choice is often a waste of time. For example, choosing a new movie or show on Netflix can often take up half of your watching time. Be mindful of the disadvantages of too many choices. 
  • Develop a practice of gratitude
        • Maru, a Japanese word meaning being grateful 1000 times a day, and how it can be incorporated into our day to day lives, but also into our company structures. 
  • Why we should never retire
        • Ikigai, the Japanese word which translates to- the reason to get out of bed in the morning. 
        • The Japanese don’t have a word for retirement! 
        • If you focus on your Ikigai instead and focus on stimulation and your story of life, you will be more fulfilled and have no need to retire. 
  • If it scares you, it will be an energizing experience and it will result in an experience
  • Studies show that while on vacation, people get more out of life and the vacation if they *do something new*. Novel situations create our most memorable moments in life. 
        • Don’t be scared to try new things! It will bring a richness to your life. 
  • The energy in a flywheel
      • If you put energy into something, it gains traction. If you give your job energy, it will give you energy back. If you give your family energy, they return the supply. 

    Happy Listening :)