Anchal Project

Organic Cotton Mask (Unisex)

Color: Bone

Anchal's Organic Cotton Face Masks are sustainably made using 100% Organic Cotton up-cycled fabric scraps. Promoting a zero-waste initiative, the once larger fabric was hand-embroidered by artisans in Ajmer, India and then cut and sewn into masks by Anchal's team in Louisville, KY.

All masks are reusable, adjustable and reversible. These masks are pre-washed, sanitized using an industrial steam iron and then placed into sealed bags by a gloved and masked employee. 

The dense weave of this durable cotton barrier provides protection and breathability. 

These are not medical grade masks or N95s but they do follow the CDC's recommendations for cloth face coverings.

Wash hands before putting on mask.
Wash mask after each use in public.
Remove only using the elastic loops, do not touch any surface of the mask.
After removing, wash hands.

**Embroidery pattern will vary**

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