Looking for Ambassadors!
Seeking the doers, the thinkers + the thought leaders. 
Those who are willing to be bold + different.
The way we understand, organize, and treat health & wellness is evolving. We’re looking for people to help us advocate for positive change, think differently, and create new ways to look at old problems. 
At Kits Scrubs, we follow one rule: Grow All Ways.  Our aim is to create a community of health professionals which focuses on expanding our minds and nourishing the body + soul with fresh ideas, lofty goals, healthy habits, and meaningful conversations.  
As a Kits Scrubs Ambassador, you’ll help us keep track of what’s happening in your communities, build connections through social + charitable events, teach us new idea you've learned, and give us valuable, constructive product + brand feedback so we can evolve and Grow All Ways. 
We've broken this down into 3 core topics:
  1. In-Depth Product + Brand Review: This includes gathering data on the product, wearing it not just once, but multiple times to get a good idea of the fit, style, pockets, etc. Answering surveys on the product and giving feedback
  2. Community Connection + Event Planning: We will host events and gatherings around the country aimed to inspire and build community, and you’ll help us host! Responsibilities vary, but events will include book clubs, charity + fundraising opportunities, motivational talks/speaker, happy hours, coffee clubs, live social media discussions. 
  3. Guest Blogging: Our blog, Grow All Ways is a space for new ideas, each ambassador is encouraged to write a blog post or seek out an interesting topic to be written about. 
Think you've got this? 
Note: If successful in your application, we will get back to you within 2-3 weeks time, hold tight! :) Thanks so much for applying and supporting the Kits Scrubs Community!